Katherine's Satisfied Customers

"When was the last time that going to your accountant was fun? When was the last time you knew s/he was worth her/his weight in gold? "Never" as an answer suggests you haven't been going to Clissy Funkhouser." Chris and Evie LotzeRoxley Farms

"For more than fifteen years Clissy has been preparing my return. With the tax laws in a state of flux and becoming increasingly complex, it is nice to know that I have someone who can prepare my return accurately and in a timely manner." Ted CampChair, History & Religion Department
Saint James School

"Our accountant for many years, Katherine continues to impress us with her professional, knowledgeable handling of our business and personal accounts and timely responses with up-to-date answers to our questions." Kat & Ed CimaglioCider Mill House B&B
Kat's Studio Artwork

"Clissy is the best! She managed to make a molehill out of the mountain that was combining our finances in a clean, timely, and professional manner. Simply the best!" Kirsten Lee & Mark SalowitzAlmost Heaven Horse Source

"Despite my fear and loathing of taxes, I have always thoroughly enjoyed your handling of them. You manage to turn a dreaded activity in to a cheerful encounter, and I can't thank you enough for all the years I've been your client" Carmen Carter